How to install FreeMCboot

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How to install FreeMCboot

Post by Corp Dwayne Hicks on Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:58 pm

FreeMCboot aka:FMCB
Is a exploit that uses the PS2 memory card to load custom software used to play homebrew games and backup copies on your PS2.


First we need the following items on this checklist.

1. A retail copy of 007 Agent Under Fire (some other titles work also)
2. PS2 memory card (empty)
3. USB flash drive (empty)
4. The following software Here  5. winrar
6. a Philips tipped screwdriver.
7. ImgBurn
8. A blank DVD-r
9. A blank CD-r
10. A retail PS1 game (any game will work as long as its a real PS1 CD)
11.The means to softmod the ps2 to run with the lid open on a slim.
If this is on a FAT model ps2 skip this. There are videos below to do this.

[Software Preparations]

1. Extract the (PS2-Hackpack_0.rar) and you will end up with a folder called (PS2 Tools).

2. Insert your USB drive into your PC and empty the contents of the (FreeMCboot) folder to the flash drive. It should contain a folder called (INSTALL) and a file called (FREE_MCBOOT.ELF). After the files transfer you can remove the USB drive and set it aside we are done with it for now.


The following step can be skipped if you want to download my copy of 007AUF.iso that's already patched from Here
Encryption Key :
then skip down to step 5. If not keep going on 3. an 4.

3. Place your copy of 007AUF in your PCs DVD drive and open ImgBurn and tell it to dump the DVD to a Image file (.ISO) to your computers hard drive. You only need the .iso file you can delete the .mds as it is not needed.

4. Open the program called (Apache) located in the (PS2 Tools) This program is used to edit PS2 images we need to replace a file on the (007AUF.iso) for the exploit. On Apache Click (File) on the upper left of the program window and direct the program to your copy of (007AUF.iso), this should open up the contents of the .ISO. On the Apache program and make sure (driving.elf) is highlighted and then click on the upper part of the program window on the (ISO Tools) and select (Change TOC for selected file) a box pops up, leave the LBA alone and under size enter (58160) then press (update) after this you then need to click on (ISO Tools) with (driving.elf) highlighted select (Update
selected file) then direct the program to the copy of (driving.elf) located in the (PS2 Tools COGSWAP folder) and press open. Now you should have a patched ISO ready to burn to DVD.

[If you downloaded your 007AUF.iso then continue here]

5. Open ImgBurn and select the option (write image file to disk) set speed to 6x and burn the(007AUF.iso) to DVD-r. Leave ImgBurn open we will need to burn again soon.

6. Open the (PS2 Tools folder) located in the (Extras folder) is a (uLaunchELF CD.rar) extract this with WinRAR and you get a folder with a (uLe412.bin & uLe412.cue).

7. Back to ImgBurn, select (write image file to disk) select the (uLe412.cue) and burn it to a (CD-r). This CD will be known as the (Ulaunch Disk)

[System Modding]

8. We now need to do some modding of the PS2 system.
[Note the following steps also allow ps1 backup play with the "swap trick"]
On a PS2 slim you need to mod the system to run with the lid open. Here is a video

On a PS2 FAT you need to remove the top of the console completely. Here is a video

9. Now insert your USB stick with the files listed in step (2) into an open port located on the front of your PS2.

10.Insert the empty memory card into the left slot on the PS2.

11.Place the 007 Agent Under Fire retail DVD in the PS2 and power on.

12.Either play to level 2 or load a saved game an swap the memory card back to the empty card after loading, either way at the level slection screen for level 2 (the driving stage) swap the DVD for the (burned DVD) we made in step 5. DO NOT LET THE PS2 KNOW THE DISK WAS SWAPPED!!

13.If step 12 was done correctly when you launch level 2 with the patched DVD it should load to a screen with an display of a gold cd on screen. This is known as the Cogswap screen.

14.While on the Cogswap screen we need to switch to a (retail ps1 game LET THE PS2 KNOW YOU SWITCHED) you may need to unblock the front sensor a demo cd will work. Then press X and wait for the cd to read and then it will stop spinning, the screen will display dialog saying there is a PSX cd in the drive.

15.Now (without the PS2 knowing) switch to the (Ulaunch disk) we made in step 7. Press X and it should load to a white screen with the following option. (O=FileBrowser) there are other options ignore them for now and press the (circle button) then press down on the controller till you highlight the (mass:/) this is our USB stick with the installer files, then press (O button) it will open up a file list look for (FREE.MCBOOT.ELF) and press the (circle button).

16.You should now be looking at a black screen with FREE MCBOOT in the middle, on the top of the screen you will see the following options.
[normal install] [multi version install] [launch fmcb] [fmcb config] [format mc] [uninstall multi]

17.I use the (multi version install) it will detect the memory card then prompt it to install FMCB to the card in slot 1.

18.Once the installer finishes you can then power off the system remove the USB stick and the CD from the drive and power up the system with only the memory card installed. You should see a FreeMCboot logo prior to the normal browser menu, also you should see extra options on the browser screen.

Also you can now make as many exploits as you want by launching the FREE.MCBOOT.ELF from the USB drive using ulaunch from the main browser.


In the extras folder of the PS2 Tools pack there are a few items.

ps2_pal2ntsc_yfix - is a program that patches PAL games to NTSC

ESRPatcher - program that patches games (must be patched to work with this exploit)

The rest of the programs are pretty easy to figure out.

PS2-Backup Play - (Games must be on DVD-R and be patched with ESR prior to burning or it will not work)

PS1-Backup Play - Boot a retail PS1 cd then as the old PS logo starts to play its music swap the cd to a backup without the PS2 knowing and it will load the backup cd.

I would like to give a shout out to Everyone who made this guide possible, without you guys this how to wouldn't even exist, I hope this makes it easier for members to soft mod their PS2 that's why I made it.

Any questions or problems with this post just post in Novice Playroom  and we can look into it.

And Remember Kids - Have Fun with it
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