Fixing Your Airflow meter

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Fixing Your Airflow meter

Post by Corp Dwayne Hicks on Sat May 14, 2016 8:35 am


This guide will show you how to repair one of the most common problems with the RB26 (and other) afms.

The problem most afms have is dry solder joints. This is where the solder joins on the plug it self dry up and crack. It can also be an intermittent fault, which makes it hard to diagnose the exact cause.

If your GTR won’t idle properly, and wont rev over 3000 rpm, then either one or both of your afms are faulty.

Before doing this, make sure its your afms that are the problem.

Check the Ecu for error codes, and borrow a set of known working afms to see if you afms are faulty.

Tools Needed:

Soldering iron
Sharp knife or other sharp object
Black Silicon

1. Remove the afm from your car, the pics show what it looks like.

2. Using a sharp knife, cut away the silicon. I found if you cut straight down on both side of the silicon, more comes out.

3. Once all the silicon is cleared, pry off the lid. It should easily come out.

4. The Following pics shows the joins that dry up and cause the problems. Resolder the joins using fresh
solder. Be careful not to hold the iron on for too long as the heat might damage the components inside.

5. To show you the severity of the dry joints, i removed the 4 bolts and easily pulled the whole plug out.
All 4 joints where completely loose!! Note that you don’t have to do this, just apply new solder over the
whole lot, the old solder will melt.

Also, do this at your own risk; if you cause any damage to anything or anyone by following these instructions, it’s your fault.
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