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Glossary and General Reference Info

Post by Corp Dwayne Hicks on Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:43 pm

The glossary page is to help you understand common vocabulary words used when referencing the Xbox Softmod Tutorial. Since it's about the Xbox, some of the words have been giving more specific definition for better understanding.

Action Replay: a program that was used to transfer cheat codes to the Xbox.

Apps: applications e.g. XBMC is an application used on the Xbox.

Backup Games: a disc copy of an original game disc.

Console: refers to video game console, video game system e.g. Xbox.

Crossover Cable: a cable similar to an Ethernet cable but differs in the way it functions. A cross over cable can be used to system link Xbox's to play local multiplayer, it can also be used to transfer files to the Xbox if an Ethernet cable is unavailable. More info on the crossover cable covered in the Xbox Softmod tutorial.

Dashboard: on the Xbox, it is the screen you see when you first turn it on.

Dashboard 5960: The latest original Xbox dashboard released on November 2004. Any "Xbox Live" game released as on November 2, 2004 and beyond can be used to update the original Xbox. No internet is required. Visit the Dashboard 5960 tutorial for the complete list of these games.

DVD Movie Playback Kit: an accessory kit for the Xbox consisting of an infrared sensor (DVD dongle) and a DVD remote. This kit is required to watch DVD movies. However, it is not required after a softmod install.

eeprom: an important file in the Xbox file system. It's also used to upgrade the hard drive as well as UN-modding the Xbox.

Emulator: apps or programs that function as video game systems via emulation, view the list of emulators for the Original Xbox. A modded original Xbox can install many emulators to play video game files known as ROMs.
Note: emulators are designed specifically for a system/console. If you are looking to play a Super Nintendo game you will need a Super Nintendo emulator made for the original Xbox and then the ROM of the video game.

Ethernet Cable: a cable that connects to a computer as well as the Xbox. It's used mainly for internet connection but can also be used to transfer files to the Xbox via computer.

EvolutionX (EvoX): one of two Xbox dashboards to choose from, the other being UnleashX. Both are equal in capabilities. A modded dashboard replaces the original Microsoft Xbox dashboard. However, the original Xbox dashboard can still be accessed through the file system.

FTP Program: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The program allows the transfer of files to the Xbox from the computer. More information on this can be found in the Xbox Softmod tutorial.

GB: gigabyte, a unit of information to calculate hard drive memory.

GBA: Game Boy Advance (2001).

Genesis/Mega Drive: Sega Genesis/Sega Megadrive (1989).

Hard Drive/Disk: the disk drive that holds data such as files, folders etc. Every Xbox has an 8GB hard drive built-in.

Hardware: any physical part of a computer or video game console e.g. controller, disc drive.

Homebrew/Home Brew: refers to programs and applications that are used on modded consoles e.g. XBMC is a homebrew app for the Xbox.

Import Games: some games are only released in certain countries and even if the disc was used it would not work on the system unless they are of the same region. Modding an Xbox gives it the ability to play these import games that were released in another region of the world. The Xbox becomes a worldwide compatible console.

ISO: refers to a compressed file e.g. an Xbox game that has been ripped to a file is most likely to be found compressed as an ISO file. If searching for an Xbox game to download you'll be searching Xbox Game ISO. Note: ISO's are usually great is memory size.

Local Area Network (LAN) - refers to games that are able to be played on a local network via system link. Learn More

Linux Installer: one of the files required to mod the Xbox. When accessed, the Xbox will start the softmod installation.

MAME: stands for Multiple Arcade Machine. This is an emulator designed to play the Arcade video games. A modded Xbox is capable of playing this emulator.

Memory Card: a portable card to save Xbox game data. Also referred to as Xbox memory unit and flash memory module.

Mod: short for modification, meaning to hack. In the case of the Xbox, it's making a minor change or adjustment to improve the Xbox.

Modchip/Mod chip: A hardware chip installed inside a console to mod it. Note: A softmod is concerned with software so there is no need to unscrew or open the Xbox, and no need for a mod chip.

MsDash: short for Microsoft dashboard, refers to the original dashboard when you start up the Xbox.

N64: Nintendo 64 (1996).

NES: Nintendo Entertainment System (1985).

NTSC: refers to the North American region.

NTSC-J: refers to the Japanese region.  

Operating System: A user interface for computers e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

PAL: refers to the European, Australian and other country regions.

PC: Personal Computer

PSX: PlayStation, PlayStation 1 or PS One (1995).

Region-free DVD Player: can play any DVD movie no matter the country region.

ROMs: a video game turned into a computer file e.g. video game files. ROMs are played on emulators.

Router: A device that connects many Ethernet cables. It is used for the Xbox and computer to communicate via Ethernet cable with an FTP program (no internet required).

SC: Splinter Cell.

SNES: Super NES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1991).

Softmod/Soft Mod: stands for software modification i.e. no need to unscrew the Xbox, it's all done through re-programming. Unofficial variations of the word could be jailbreak, root, flash, hack, unlock.

Software: basically all the things going on when you turn on the Xbox or computer, the programs and such.

Splinter Cell: referring to the Xbox game released in 2002 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell Exploit (file): refers to one of the Xbox softmod files.

Stock Xbox: or virgin Xbox, an Xbox that has not been modded or tampered with.

Stream: i.e. XBMC can be used to stream multimedia to the Xbox, so the Xbox would be streaming the multimedia from the computer. It's not downloading, it's sharing the multimedia file on the same network.

System Link - refers to original Xbox games that are playable on a Local Area Network (LAN) via system link cable. Learn more.

UnleashX: one of two Xbox dashboards to choose from, the other being EvolutionX. Both are equal in capabilities. A modded dashboard replaces the original Microsoft Xbox dashboard. However, the original Xbox dashboard can still be accessed through the file system.
microsoft original xbox 2001 classic softmod mod
Xbox: referring to the Microsoft Xbox video game system released in 2001. It's also referred as Original Xbox, OG Xbox, Classic Xbox, Xbox Original, Old Xbox and XBX. It could also be referred to as the "Xbox 1" but that may change since Microsoft's next Xbox console is named "Xbox One".

Xbox Linux Project: an open source Operating System like Windows or Mac OS X. When installed, the Xbox can then be used like a PC with internet browsing features and more. Learn more.

Xbox Live: the online multiplayer service for the Microsoft Xbox. It is no longer in service for this Xbox and is not required for any modding purposes.

XBMC: short for Xbox Media Center or XBMC4Xbox. This application that will turn your Xbox into a killer media center. Access all your digital multimedia files to play them on Xbox. Connect the Xbox to a computer or home network to stream video, music and photos. Additionally, play region free DVD's without the DVD Movie Playback Kit and rip DVD's to the Xbox hard drive.

xDSL: It is the Linux operating system made just for modded Xbox's. When installed, the Xbox can then be used like a PC with internet browsing features and more. Learn more.

XLink Kai: a program that lets you connect with other console users around the world, and play online games for free. XLink Kai tricks your console into thinking that the other users it is connecting to over the Internet, are actually part of a Local Area Network (LAN). Learn more.
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