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Post by Corp Dwayne Hicks on Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:43 pm

Respect others or be quarantined. Warnings are followed by restriction.

2.No flaming. If you disagree, do so intelligently. No one likes a complainer, however people will listen to someone with an intelligent discourse.

3.If you're unwilling to put thought into what you say, say nothing.

4.Topics go into their appropriate areas. These areas have certain guidelines. Make sure you read them before you post.

5.We have strict rules about content you can and cannot post or discuss regarding hardware that is still being sold. The intention is to learn, not to harm the ecosystem. (Ask a mod if in doubt)

6.Respect the moderators or be removed. They don't get paid, at the very least they deserve some respect and thanks.

7.Follow all Marketplace rules to the letter (and other sub-forum rules). It's for your protection, as much as possible.

8.No doxxing people (sharing personally identifiable information of others).

9.Do not bump a thread until a week has passed since the last post in the thread.

10.Destructive users will be terminated. This is a community and we will protect it.

11.We are programmers and creators too, please respect work and buy what you play. There is a gap in learning that has not yet been filled, and sharing grey area resources that harm no one fills that partially.

12.No promotions are allowed without consent of the administrators

13.No fundraisers are allowed without consent. This applies to any crowdfunding like kickstarter, etc.
Legality of all post content, uploaded or linked files, images, videos, or other media posted on or through is the responsibility of the individual from whom the content originated.

Complaints, legal notices or requests for compliance are to be sent to the administrator via the contact page.
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