Total n00b guide to everything

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Total n00b guide to everything

Post by Corp Dwayne Hicks on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:22 pm


<--------------- Total n00b guide to everything ---------------->
<------------------------------- A K A --------------------------------->
<---------------------- A n00b's best friend ----------------------->


-------> 100% Written By
---------> mastertito4 (aka a n00b's 2nd best friend)

Before you read this tutorial, please read the following:
Things you must know about the XBox

Before you post anything Here, please check:

Also, check out "CHEAPMOD vs. MODCHIP vs TSOP vs EXPLOIT"

PS: Slayer's can be found here: Slayer's 2.5

Over the past few months, this guide has become somewhat out-of-date, particularly involving anything to do with BIOS. If you recently bought your xbox, the guide can serve as a general helper, but it's probably better to ask around. Maybe someday this summer I will bring the guide up to date.


By reading this tutorial I assume you have a basic knowledge of how the xbox system works and how each of these operations work and what purpose they serve. I am in no way responsible for any damage to any xbox's. If you are unsure about a step, or don't understand, please seek help.

This tutorial does not in any way portray the views of Xbox-Scene. I am in no way forcing you to do any illegal actions, and neither is Xbox-Scene.

Illegal = Bad. Legal = Good.

============== Table Of Contents ==============
This tutorial is big, I know. So I decided to add a keyword for each section. All you have to do is find the section you want in the table of contents, look at the keyword (in parenthesis), press ctrl+f and type in the keyword, then press find. This will take you immediatly to the tutorial you wanted.

=> Intro/Legal stuff
=> Table Of Contents
=> The Path of the n00b

=>> Requirements (aaa1)
=>> Installing/Flashing your chip (aaa2)
=>> Configuring your evox.ini (aaa3)
=>> Creation of the boot disk and FTP-ing (aaa4)
=>> Reflashing your chip thru EvoX (aaa5)
=>> Formatting a new HDD (aaa6)
=>> Formatting a new HDD with 137+ gig (F:) support (aaa7)
=>> Formatting a new HDD with 137+ gig (G:) support (aaa8)
=>> Adding G: Support to your already formatted 137+ gig HDD (aaa9)
=>> "Hotflashing", reflashing with a friend's chip. (bbb1)
=>> Burning a game onto DVD-R (bbb2)
=>> Playing a game off your Hard Drive (bbb3)
=>> Changing your xbox's name (bbb4)
=>> Patching your game using Craxtion (bbb5)
=>> Locking/Unlocking your hard drive (bbb6)
=>> Alternative to FTP-ing (bbb7)
=>> Training games (*.ips) (bbb8)
=>> Boosting Transfer Speeds (bbb9)
=>> Editing Halo's Cache (ccc1)
=>> Encoding DVDs (ccc2)
=>> Modchip Install Problems - Symptoms and Solutions (thanx to ChrisF)
=>> Evox Boot Disc Tips (thanx to ChrisF)
=>> Tutorials about Xbox-Live on a modded Xbox (thanx to shanafan)

=>>> n00b "Tips and Tricks" (ddd1)
=>>> FAQ (ddd2)
=>>> Special Thanx (ddd3)

=>>>>> Future Updates (eee1)
=>>>>> Updates (eee2)


<<------------------ The Path of the n00b ----------------------->>

Due to so many "What do I do next?" PMs, I've decided to post this simple order-of-operations that totally new n00bs should go through in order to have their xbox modded.

Step 0:
Get an xbox....

Step 1:
READ UP!!! The more you know beforehand, the easier it is get everything right on the first try.

Step 2:
Order a chip. I'm a fan of the xecuter models at, but I don't want to influence your decision. You may want to save reading up for the time between ordering and arrival of the chip.

Step 3:
Install the chip. I have links below for a diagram tutorial for a lot of different chips.

Step 4:
Flash the chip. Instructions below.

Step 5:
Use boot disc to install dash. Instructions below.

That's it. Enjoy the modded life.

<<---------------------- Requirements --------------------------->>

Of course these are not exactly what you need. There are alternatives to most any of these "requirements". These are just what I used, and what I know works or has worked for me.

1. Nero Burning Rom v5.x.x (or any iso burning prog, I recommend Nero 5 though).

2. a blank cd-rw disk, if you find any cd-rw with data on it you can use Nero to delete the info (Up where you find File and Edit, go to CD-Recorder>Erase CD ReWritable...). Memorex, Maxell, and Imation should do fine, along with some other well-known brands.

3. Download the latest version of EvolutionX, it's what is called a "dashboard" which acts a sort of operating system for your xbox. Although you can choose whatever dashboard you want, I *HIGHLY* recommend it for n00bs.
You can find it here:
#xbins, read the tutorial on how to get there here:

4. Your preferred BIOS. In this tut, and recommended by me, we will use xecuter 2 4981 BIOS. Also found on #xbins

5. Craxtion, which makes your required dash files into an ".iso", which is sort of like a .zip but can be read by the xbox, we will talk more about that later though. You can find it here:

6. a "dummy" or "padding" or "fluff" file, it has many names, but the purpose of this file is to beef up the size of the disk to make it more readable for the xbox becuase the required files for the .iso are very small.

To make a dummy file, simply zip up nero.exe (again not required... but recommended) by right-clicking nero.exe and choose winzip>add to (requires winzip). Put this into whatever folder you extract your EvoX (EvolutionX) files.

7. You may need to use winrar and winzip to extract some files

8. FlashFXP (to connect to your xbox from your pc)

<<-------------- Installing/Flashing your chip ------------------>>

Throughout the scene people keep making this more and more complicated. And although this part took me almost 2 days to figure out, it's by far the most simple step. Just follow these steps exactly. If you do several times and do not suceed in flashing, try a different cd-rw brand. I'm not going to write a tut on installing your chip, however. There are plenty good ones out there, like these:

Opening your xbox:

Installing your modchip:


1. Download xecuter2 BIOS manager and x2 4981 BIOS
Bios Manager: HERE
Bios: #xbins, see requirements section above.

Note: x2 4981 is not necessary, but is considered a highly stable BIOS and is mastertito recommended.

2. Open BIOS manager. You need to use this to make your bios from a 256k bios to a 1024k bios. Select Import from the left panel. Select the bios you downloaded. Select Open. You will notice something has changed in the top right box! omfg!!! Highlight that box and press copy on the left panel. Go to each of those boxes and press paste. Hopefully you have 4 boxes on the right that say Name: UNKNOWN, File: X2_4981. You now want to save that BIOS.BIN

3. Open Nero, Wizard or Express may come in handy here. Choose to compile new disc and burn as data. Find your special BIOS that you made + the (or whatever dummy file you are using) and BURN BABY! BURN! Make sure you are burning onto CD-RW's.

4. Start up your xbox and hopefully something that says Cromwell Bios yada yada will pop up. It'll ask for your "bios update", aka your flash disk. pop that baby in and watch the bar! When it's all done it'll turn off. This is normal. Now to start up your xbox you will need a boot disk (see below)

Note: Cromwell is quite shitty. If your xbox starts up but no picture shows up, don't worry. Your Xbox IS working, just keep turning it off and back on until the BIOS UPDATE screen appears, then proceed.

If for some reason you encounter a bad flash, use hotflash technique (tutorial below) or buy a programmer (if using a xecuter2 chip) ( found on ).

<<---------------- Configuring your evox.ini -------------------->>

Further explanation of the configuration of evox.ini can be found here:
The Complete EvoX.ini Guide

=== Network Info for FTP ===
see FTP Using Internet Explorer
- or -
Basic Networking Using EvolutionX
- or -
XeroKitsune's ABC of IP Adressing

NOTE: When connecting to your xbox, your xbox must be turned on and loaded to the dashboard (usually evox either by boot disk or if it's already installed)

=== Custom Menu ===

Now onto your custom menu. Using "Section" creates a item whereas if you click on it, a submenu appears. "Item" refers to a direct command, like "Item "Launch DVD",ID_Launch_DVD" or Item "Launch Game from DVD ROM","D:\default.xbe" The most popular items that people add are stuff like:

Section "Games"
AutoAddItem "F:\Games"

when you AutoAddItem, then type in an address, your asking evox to find the default.xbe in that directory, then sortall show all the found files. AutoAddItem searches subfolders, too, so you dont have to add something to your evox.ini everytime you back up a game.

That's just the basics of configuring your .ini, I suggest reading the link from above if you want more info.

Here is a copy of my latest evox.ini MENU section:


Section "Root"
Section "Applications"
AutoAddItem "e:\Apps\"
AutoAddItem "f:\Apps\"
AutoAddItem "g:\Apps\"
Section "Games"
AutoAddItem "e:\Games\"
AutoAddItem "f:\Games\"
AutoAddItem "g:\Games\"
Section "Homebrew"
AutoAddItem "f:\Homebrew\"
AutoAddItem "e:\Homebrew\"
AutoAddItem "g:\Homebrew\"
Section "Emulation"
AutoAddItem "e:\Emulation\"
AutoAddItem "f:\Emulation\"
AutoAddItem "g:\Emulation\"
Item "Launch DVD-ROM",ID_Launch_DVD
Section "System Utilities"
Item "MS Dashboard",ID_MS_Dash
Item "Settings",ID_Settings
Item "Flash BIOS",ID_Flash_Bios
Item "Backup",ID_Backup
Item "Lock Harddisk",@210
Item "Unlock Harddisk",@211
Item "Skins",ID_Skins
Item "Reboot",ID_Quick_Reboot
Item "Power Off",ID_Power_Off


LogFile          = "f:\lock.log"
Info "This function will lock your XBOX HDD"
Warning "You will now lock your XBOX HDD and will be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX BIOS"


LogFile          = "f:\unlock.log"
Info "This function will unlock your XBOX HDD"
Warning "You will now unlock your XBOX HDD and will not be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX BIOS"

<<---------------- Creation of the Boot Disk -------------------->>


1. extract the files from the version of EvoX you downloaded. You should put your dummy file in the extracted folder.

2. in the new EvoX folder, find the file with the extention (i.e. .bmp, .txt) of .xbe
it is usually names something along the lines of evoxdash.xbe

This is the dashboard file. *YOU MUST* rename this to default.xbe for boot disk purposes

3. make sure you have *at least* these files in your evoX folder

default.xbe (after renaming)
dummy file (

4. open Craxtion. click add. Browse so that it is searching for the folder with the
evoX files in it. Click Next. It will now ask you to point it in the direction of where to save your new .iso you can also rename it in the bottom left Click Next. If it asks you if you want to patch the default.xbe, choose no. Then Finish it up and you got yourself a new xbox .iso

5. open nero. close out of the wizard if it pops up. go to File>Burn Image. Burn the .iso file you made with Craxtion onto your blank cd-rw. Burn as slow as possible to insure a safe burn.

6. after burning the disk, put that disk into your xbox and turn it off then back on.


This Boot Disk has created a temporary FTP server so that you can transfer files to and from your xbox and computer. In order to FTP to your xbox, you HAVE to be at your dashboard, either by boot disk or if it's already installed then just go to it by default.


!!AS SOON!! as you get the boot disk to work and you connect to your xbox for the first time, BACK UP your C: and E: drives. You can do this by using FlashFXP. Use "Quick Connect" and type in the following:

IP: 192.168.0.X (x depends on what you did in the evox.ini file.)
Port: 21
Login: xbox
Password: xbox

now connect. on the right box you should see


double click the Backup folder on the LEFT display. Drag the C: folder from the right to left (when in the backup folder) and do the same with the E:. This is just in case something ever goes wrong and you want to have your xbox back to normal.

On the left display, find your way to your good ole EvoX folder. Find that default.xbe of yours and right click it. Rename it to evoxdash.xbe Drag it over into the C: on the xbox. (double click on a folder to open it, you can't drag files/folders into a folder by dragging it on top of it and trying to drop it in) This makes your temporary FTP server into a permanent one. This is also how you replace your dashboard (if you ever want to update).

<<--------------- Reflashing your chip thru EvoX -------------->>

Sometimes new and improved BIOS comes out, and you may want to upgrade to this. I HIGHLY SUGGEST not reflashing unless you know that the BIOS is stable!

1. connect to your xbox with flashFXP.

2. create a BIOS folder in your xbox's C:

3. put the bios (in 1024k form, remember!) in that folder.

4. edit your evox.ini, and put this wherever you want in the menu.

Item "Flash BIOS",@1

5. select the bios you want to reflash with

6. wait for the process to be done.

<<--------------- Formatting a new hard drive ----------------->>

You may have heard of installing a new hard drive in your xbox. This is totally avoidable is you have a dvd burner. Otherwise, I highly recommend anywhere from a 60 to a 120 gig hard drive. Games are pretty widespead in size but are most likely anywhere from 1 gig to 5 gigs. Maxtor and Western Digital are well known brands and are very reliable, but you can use any other hard drive of course. You don't need any special hard drive, just so long as it has IDE hookup (almost all)

1. create another boot disk, but with an edited evox.ini, you need to put the following in the .ini under [ROOT]:

Item "Install New Hard Drive",@212

now even lower in the .ini look for [Action_12]

Add this under that:

Info "Install HDD"
Warning "This will format all drives"
Warning "Make sure you have a backup of C & E"
Progress "Formatting drives"

ConfigSector "backupdisk.bin"
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:

2. Boot up that boot disk and choose Install New Hard Drive. TADA! Now you have to use the original boot disk and reinstall your dashboard.

Note: if your evox version came with the option to format, just use that instead.

<<--- Formatting New HDD with 137+ gig (F:) support --->>

Only do this tutorial using a NEW, UNFORMATTED hard drive with 137+ gigabytes available.

Your going to need the latest XBTool, found at:

do NOT proceed without having backups of your original C: and E:

this tut was written for xecuter2 chips only

1. Download xecuter2 BIOS manager and x2 4981 BIOS
Bios Manager: HERE
Bios: #xbins, see requirements section above.

Note: x2 4981 is not necessary, but is considered the most stable and the best bios as of now.

2. Open XBTool and open your 4981 bios (in 256k form). In the bottom left check LBA48 and choose to have 'Partition 6 Takes Rest of Drive. Save your bios and run xecuter2 bios manager to turn it into 1024k again. Save.

3. Follow normal flashing proceedure (see above tutorial on Installing/Flashing your chip.

4. Use a boot disk (tutorial above) with the following options in evox.ini:

at the top, make sure UseFdrive = Yes

then in the menu section add...

Item "Format HDD"@213

then below that, where the list of actions are, add this:


Warning "This will format your HDD"
Info "Do not format if you do not have backups"
Info "of the C: and E:"
Progress "Formatting..."

ConfigSector "backupdisk.bin"
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:

5. start up your boot disk and select "Format HDD"

6. connect to your xbox while the boot disk is loaded and install dashboard (default.xbe renamed to evoxdash.xbe and moved into C: along with evox.ini) and programs of your choice (usually into E:\Apps or F:\Apps)

<<--- Formatting New HDD with 137+ gig (G:) support --->>

Only do this tutorial using a NEW, UNFORMATTED hard drive with 137+ gigabytes available (unless you want to delete everything on the hard drive and start over).

Your going to need the latest XBTool, found at:

do NOT proceed without having backups of your original C: and E:

this tut was written for xecuter2 chips only

1. Download xecuter2 BIOS manager and x2 4981 BIOS
Bios Manager:
Bios: #xbins, see requirements section above.

Note: x2 4981 is not necessary, but is considered the most stable and the best bios as of now.

2. Open XBTool and open your 4981 bios (in 256k form). In the bottom left check LBA48 and choose 'Partition 6 Takes up to 137GB / Partition 7 Takes Rest'. Save your bios and run xecuter2 bios manager to turn it into 1024k again. Save.

3. Follow normal flashing proceedure (see above tutorial on Installing/Flashing your chip).

4. Use a boot disk (tutorial above) with the following options in evox.ini:

at the top, make sure UseGdrive = Yes

then in the menu section add...

Item "Format HDD with G"@213

then below that, where the list of actions are, add this:


Warning "This will format your HDD and add G support"
Info "Do not format if you do not have backups"
Info "of the C: and E:"
Progress "Formatting..."

ConfigSector "backupdisk.bin"
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format g:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:

5. start up your boot disk and select "Format HDD with G"

6. connect to your xbox while the boot disk is loaded and install dashboard (default.xbe renamed to evoxdash.xbe and moved into C: along with evox.ini) and programs of your choice (usually into F:\Apps or G:\Apps)

<<------------------- Adding G: Support ------------------------->>
props to heinrich
This tutorial will show you how to get those extra gigs from that 137+ hard drive already in use.

1. We must first add G: support to your BIOS. So get the 256k version of your BIOS onto your computer. (either by #xbins or if you still have your original copy of your bios still in 256k format)

2. Open XBTool and load up the bios. In the bottom left, choose 'Partition 6 Takes up to 137GB / Partition 7 Takes Rest' and save the bios as BIOS.BIN

3. Open x2 Bios Manager and make your modified bios into 1024k. Transfer this to your C:BIOS folder.

4. Reflash ( see above: Reflashing your chip thru EvoX ) * this DOES NOT delete anything on your xbox *

5. connect to your xbox via ftp (usually with FlashFXP)

6. press ctrl+r on your keyboard. type 'Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition7' in the box that pops up.

7. The FTP app will echo a hard drive key (display a long number in a dialog box). Use that key for the next command.

FormatDrive 'the number' (no quotes)

8. say "TADA!!" really loudly

<<-------------------------- Hotflashing --------------------------->>

If a flash goes wrong, and you got a friend with a chip (that's flashed), you are in luck! The chip has to be similar, ie. both chips same type of install (wire install, header pin, etc.) You can, however, use different versions. For example, I had to hotflash once and my friend was using a xecuter2.2 lite+ and I was using a xecuter 2.2 pro (I'm not sure if 2.1's work with 2.2's and stuff like that). This is the easiest way to reflash a faulty flash, but isn't a very well known technique, and is rare to be able to do. It's simple as 1,2,3.

1. Unplug your friend's chip and yours from the LPC cables/header pins (the ones soldered to the LPC points).

2. Plug your friend's chip into LPC cables/header pins.

3. Start up the xbox. once it is fully loaded up, unplug your friend's chip and plug yours in, then reflash (tutorial above in case you don't know how)

<<---------------- Burning a game onto DVD-R ----------------->>

Also very simple, but tends to be clouded by misconceptions and other stuff. This is a great way to save space on your xbox's hard drive too. You must have a DVD burner for this.

1. Start up EvoX and insert game you want to burn. Wait until EvoX is fully loaded to insert game, or it might boot the game.

2. Connect to your xbox with flashFXP. When the xbox's files and folders are displayed, you will see a folder called D. This is the D: or DVD-ROM. Its basically just the disc inside the xbox. Open that D: and browse on the left panel on where you want your game to go. Highlight the files on the D: and drag them to the destination folder (left panel).

3. Once that is done, open Craxtion. Click Add in the bottom left and select the folder your game that you ripped is in. Press Next. Select where you want your ISO to be created and the name of the iso. Then in the bottom right, click create ISO. Wait. If Craxtion asks you if you want to patch any .xbe's, press yes.

4. Open Nero. File>Burn Image...
Select the ISO you made.

So very simple.

<<----------------- Playing a game off the HD ----------------->>
By vidgms4me and mastertito4

1. Download DVD2XBOX from the usual places ( #xbins )
*NOTE: Only download the ZIP or RAR file, not the whole folder

2. Unzip/Unrar it with Winzip/Winrar to a local directory on your computer hard drive.

3. Connect to your xbox with FlashFXP.

4. Use the left panel to go to the location you unzipped/unrarred the file to. Use the right panel and go into the folder "F" (the F: drive). Still in the right panel, go into Apps (if there is no Apps folder, right click and make a new folder and name it Apps). Drag the dvd2xbox folder from the left panel over to the right panel.

5. When the transfer is done, you can close out of FlashFXP and restart your xbox. You can see the transfer progress in the bottom right of FlashFXP.

6. Go into Apps through Evox and launch dvd2xbox.

7. Put the game disc that you wish to rip in the xbox.

8. It will present you with the opening screen. Press start once the game is done being read.

9. You will get a list of places where you can save the game. If you are using a larger (upgraded) hard drive, select "F:Games" and hit start. If you are using the original xbox hard drive, select "E:Games" and press start.

10. It will then present you with a final confirmation screen. Make sure the info is correct, then hit start to begin copying.

11. That's it. Wait for the rip process to be done (it will tell you when it's done and some files take a while to transfer, don't turn off your xbox unless you are 100% sure it is frozen), now you can reboot your xbox and access the game in the Games menu in evox.

Submitted by,

Edited by,

<<--------------- Changing your xbox's name ----------------->>

Hopefully you've have played Halo before, and if you have had the privledge of playing this game with several other xbox's hooked up, you may have recognized the embarassingly homosexual name of your xbox. Pirate, Big Bear, and Tooth are among the best, unfortunately. But there is a neat little program out there that allows you to customize your xbox's name with the click of a button.

Note: This is not the only way to do it, but by far the easiest.

1. Download the Xbox Name Changer from here

2. Unzip the file and open the program

3. Enter your FTP settings and click save. It will now connect to your xbox (so you must have your xbox on and loaded to the dashboard) and show you your xbox's name. You can now customize the name and click "Change name" to finalize it.

<<---------- Patching your game using Craxtion ------------->>

Note: If you are using x2 4981 bios, or any recent BIOS for that matter, you should not need to patch your game. However, if you really think that you need to patch the game, here's how to do it with Craxtion.

1. If you have ripped the unpatched game onto your xbox, connect to your xbox and go into F: (or E:)Games[game name] and find the default.xbe file. Transfer this file onto your PC and remember where it is.

2. Open Craxtion. Go to Tools>ISO/XBE Patcher. Now a new box will appear. Press the "..." button and find your default.xbe. Once you have found that, double click it and press patch. This can take from 1 to 2 minutes.

3. Once it's done being patched, transfer it back onto your xbox's hard drive replacing the old default.xbe, or, if you're burning your games onto dvd-r, then replace the old default.xbe and then burn. If it says "Game does not need to be patched", then the problem obviously isn't the .xbe, keep trying though!

<<---------------- Locking/Unlocking your HDD ---------------->>

Locking your hard drive allows you to load up original xbox dashboard with your modchip switch off, allowing you to play online. DO NOT PLAY ONLINE WITH YOUR CHIP ON. YOU WILL BE BANNED.
Before Locking, please have a backup of your C: and E:, and have all original C: files in your C: along with your new dash stuff. This means your original xbox dash MUST be named xboxdash.xbe

1. Open your evox.ini (make sure you have evox 3921, you cannot lock/unlock through evox without this version) and scroll down to the menu section.

2. Find where it says, "Item 'Lock HDD',@2xx" and "Item 'Unlock HDD',@2xx"

3. Delete the #'s before these lines.

4. Transfer updated evox.ini to your xbox.

5. In the evox launch menu, select Lock/Unlock.

<<----------------- Alternative to FTP-ing ---------------------->>

This tutorial will show you how to put files onto your xbox via boot disk. This is really not recommended and can be frustrating. but if your REALLY cannot connect via FTP then here we go.

1. You will need to make a bootdisk with a special suprise added in: a folder! In this folder you can put the subfolders of the apps you want installed, the dash, or even a BIOS if you want.

2. This is where most people are going to get lost: instead of having the boot disk load evox's default.xbe, take boXplorer's default.xbe and replace the evox's default.xbe (so the boot disk is as follows: default.xbe (boXplorer's), subfolders with goodies.

3. As soon as your got your cool boot disk ready, use Craxtion to iso it up, and burn image (see "creation of the boot disk" for details).

4. Pop that into your xbox and then turn your xbox off, then back on.

5. If you did it right, boXplorer will pop up. This part is also somewhat confusing: press 'white', then select 'select drive...'. Find that nifty D: with your awesome apps and whatnot. Press A to select.

This makes locations 'A' (as shown in top right corner) the D:

6. Now press 'R Trigger', you should see the location 'B' in the top right. Press 'white', the select 'select drive...'. Select your C: if you want to install your dash, E: or F: (or G:) if you want to install apps.

7. Now press 'L Trigger' and find the files you want to copy. For this example, we will use 'dvd2xbox'. As soon as you find it, 'R Trigger' and make sure your going to be copying it to the right place. Highlighting a folder DOES NOT copy INTO the highlighted folder, you must open it with 'A'. (to reiterate: location 'A' has the folder you want to copy highlighted, and location 'B' is the folder (OPENED) that you want to copy to)

8. Once you got that right, 'L Trigger' to make sure you got everything right. Press 'white', then 'copy'. It will ask you are you sure and you will have to press both triggers and 'start'. Always make sure you're copying the right stuff to the right place.

9. repeat as you see fit.

NOTE: when copying the dash file to C:, the dash name HAS TO BE evoxdash.xbe

<<--------------------- Training Games --------------------------->>

This tut was made specifically for halo but can be used for some other games

1. first off, download the games's trainer here:


then unzip it

2. download IPSwin (applies ips trainers to ur default.xbe) here


then unzip it

3. load up evox, pop the game you want to apply the trainer to into the cd tray of your xbox, and connect to your xbox via ftp (no there is no other way)

4. go into your xbox's D: in FlashFXP and transfer ALL the files if you're gonna burn it onto dvd-r, or just the default.xbe if your gonna put it on ur xbox hd.

5. open IPSwin. click the little folder with an arrow next to the top box and find the game's default.xbe. in the 2nd box press the other folder with an arrow and find the trainer you donwloaded (*.ips).

6. if you want a backup of the original default.xbe (unpatched) click a check next to 'backup copy' and if you want a log of the programs operations you can put a check next to log file. otherwise press 'Patch!' in the bottom right.

7. the program doesn't have you ask where to save because it auto patches whereever the default.xbe is, keep this in mind when patching and choosing if you want a backup copy.

8. either burn the new default.xbe and all the other files from the game onto a dvd-r (after iso-ing up, see "Burning a game to DVD-R" for details) or put the default.xbe (overwriting old unpatched one) onto your hard drive with all the other game files

9. play on playa

<<-------------- Boosting Transfer Speeds --------------------->>

Tested on Windows ME and Windows XP. May work on other OS's but none were tested. Use with caution.

Windows ME:

1. right click on network neighborhood and go to properties. if you cant find it, go to my computer, then to control panel, then double click network.

2. highlight the connect you use to connect to your xbox, its usually one of the first ones down, if not the first. once its highlighted, click properties.

3. click the advances tab at the top. look thru the list on the left and find 'Link Speed/Duplex Mode'. highlight it, and look to the right. it most likely says 'Auto-mode', or somethin to that affect. Click the arrow and choose '100 Full Duplex', then press OK and your pretty much done. Windows will now update the hardware and will need to be restarted.

Windows XP:

1. click start and right click 'My Network Places' and choose properties.

2. right click your Local Area Network connection and go to properties

3. near the top right of the new screen, click 'Configure...'

4. at the top of the newest screen, find and click the 'Advanced' tab. On the left look for and highlight 'Link Speed & Duplex'. On the right of that, click the down arrow and choose '100Mbps/Full Duplex'. Now click OK and your hardware will update. This could temporarily disconnect your internet (less then 10 seconds, if you are disconnected for more then 5 minutes, reset the Link Speed & Duplex to auto mode) and your computer may require to restart.

<<------------------ Editing Halo's Cache ------------------------>>

HCE is a very handy dandy tool written by Xbox War3z and this tut will show you a fraction of HCE's power for days of entertainment!

1. Download halo cache editor (#xbins)

2. Unrar it and put it into your apps folder of your xbox (F or E:\Apps)

3. Start up your xbox and start Halo up. Go to campaign and go to the level you want to edit the stuff for (also works on multiplayer).

4. Once the level is FULLY loaded, you can in game restart or just turn your xbox off and back on. Now start up halo cache editor.

5. Press WHITE and look for the level you want. Highlight the one you want and press A.

6. press R Trigger until at the top it says projectiles. To switch up the projectile, first press A on the weapon you want to shoot with. The weapon will keep its look, and have the same accuracy and shooting speed and all that good stuff, but once you press A on another weapon it will shoot the 2nd weapon's projectile.

For example:
Select the pistol. Now select the rocket launcher.
The pistol will now shoot rockets.

7. Switch up as much as you want and goof off, experiment and stuff. when you done editing the cache, press Y and then A to save the cache. You can press 'Start' to start halo from HCE.

Note: you can not edit the cache in the middle of a gamesave. if you edited the cache in the middle of a gamesave, do that level on a different difficulty to start a new gamesave.

<<---------------------- Encoding DVDs --------------------------->>

I recently started ripping some of my dads bazillion dvd movie collection. After a long day of ripping, I came to one of the last ones. NO MORE ROOM?!?! WHAAAAAA?! ITS A 160GB!!!! I had to figure out what was goin on. I found out they take up a lot more space then I had expected. Most of them were up in the 7 gig range. There is a tut out there on how to do this, but I found a shorter and much easier way. This tutorial can make that 7 gig movie into a (approx.) 750mb or less .avi file that you can also watch on your computer, burn onto a cd-r or dvd-r, or, of course, watch on your Xbox!

- flashFXP (or any other ftp program)
- vidomi video encoder (search on google)
- about 6 hours of time (YOU dont actually need to work that long, thats how long it takes to encode. I usually just do it overnight)
- modded xbox with dvd2xbox and xbmp or xbmc (NOTE: xbmp and xbmc are just recommended. You will use it to find out which files are the real movie files but most of the time they are of a certain name.)

1. Rip the dvd with dvd2xbox. unfortunately that copies more files then we need so make sure you have plenty of space on ur xbox (I would keep at least 12 gigs free for safety's sake)

2. Open xbmp (or xbmc), and go to my videos. Go into hdd and find the folder of your video. The files you need are usually 1_1 through 1_X, where x is the last one, but go thru these and press 'A' to play them and make sure you have all the right files. Remember or write down which ones you need.

3. Open flashFXP and connect to ur Xbox. Open up that F (or G) drive and find those .vob files you need and drag them over to your computer in its own folder (must be named VIDEO_TS)

4. Open vidomi. Make sure you are in Encode mode and not Play mode. Click the folder with a + sign in it to add the .vob files from your xbox after ripping. You must browse for the files and make sure you get all of them (you can select more than one at a time with ctrl+shift and click).

Now onto the options button. This may get confusing. First go to the Video Options, you will want 'Video Codec Settings' at 'XVID Hybrid (One Pass)' and 'Encoder Color Space' should be at 'YV12 (faster)'

Next in the options are the audio options. For 'lame min bitrate', use 96kbps for long movies, and 128kbps for shorter ones.

In output size options, change the max output size (near the bottom) to your liking. For example, when encoding a movie like "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" i used about 600mb max, but with "Matrix Reloaded" i used about 1500mb (heh I like high quality). The bigger, the longer it takes and higher quality; the shorter the less quality (around 750 is still really nice quality).

In general options, you can set the output file type. I have mine set to .avi.

The text path at the bottom of the main screen is the output filename, aka what the file will save as. Unfortunately, vidomi can't peak at the file and try to get its name. Rename it so it doesn't come out as video_ts.avi

START ENCODING!!! Make sure you click 'Statistics' on the main vidomi page once to see percentage done and whatnot.

- encoding cannot be stopped and continued later
- if there is a smudge on the disc, it will affect the quality of the new file too. clean discs before ripping them.
- vidomi saves your options, assuming you restart your computer afterwards (as apposed to crashing)


<<------------------ n00b Tips and Tricks ------------------------>>

Tips for the n00bs out there to keep in mind, and maybe some tricks.

)) PATIENCE!!! The path of the n00b is difficult and can be frustrating. Don't do anything stupid like stomp on your xbox or give up, you'll regret it.

)) Organize ALL your xbox related files into a place on your pc where you KNOW it won't get deleted somehow, and NEVER EVER delete anything from this folder... ever...

)) If for some reason you are having trouble with your xbox booting (without fragging) try using a boot disk

)) Read DAILY! I have gotten into a habbit of going there everytime I open IE. They will keep you up to date on the latest developements and everything else in the xbox world.

)) In FlashFXP, at the top left, go to 'Sites>Site Manager'. Under 'FlashFXP Sites', you can delete those 4 folders. Now highlight 'FlashFXP Sites' and click 'new site' in the bottom left. It'll ask you what you want to name it. This one will be for your xbox so name it something like "xbox". You can fill in the needed info, and click apply. Now when you click the lightning bolt in the top mid, you can go straight to your xbox. This is also helpful for #xbins!

)) Parental Control Override Code (In Xbox Dashboard):
Go to Settings
Highlight Parental Control
When the screen pops up that says Enter Pass Code press: X, Y, Left Trigger, X
You'll be taken to the parental controls screen where you can disable the pass code previously entered

)) Back up your E: drive from time to time into a folder with the date. These are your game saves and will be helpful to back up every week or so (depending on how often you play).

)) In FlashFXP, in the top leftish look for a star. Before you click it, browse through your computer to your xbox folder. NOW click the star, you can change what the bookmark will say by changing the "caption" text box, then press ok. Now whenever you start up FlashFXP, you can click the star and at the bottom of the pop-up menu will be the location of your xbox folder.

)) I guess this is hard for some n00bs, I thought it was pretty easy but they just don't get it:

C: Xbox's system files
D: DVD-Rom (cd you put in the xbox)
E: Game saves/small space for apps or emulators
F: Main storage space
G: Optional drive, only available if your hd is 137+ gigs
H: through O: Memory card drives, 2 for each controller
X: Cache files
Y: Cache files
Z: Cache files

FAQ ------------ddd2--------------- Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The specs on my modchip says it comes preflashed. Do I still have to flash my chip?

A: Well, yes, if you want to do basically anything on your new and improved xbox. Most chips come preflashed with Cromwell bios, which is basically just a bios to update to other bios.


Q: Why won't my FlashFXP connect to my xbox?

A: Ask peeps on the forums, most every case is unique in some way.


Q: My Xbox turns on, off, on, off, then on and flashes red and green and I don't see any picture.

A: This is called a FRAG (flashin red and green), and can be caused by any number of things, a bad bios flash, or once in my case, a ripped IDE cable (long story), or even solder on ur mother board or a screw under the mother board. I would check your d0 point too, otherwise ask around on the forums and make sure you tell them you have checked the d0 and the other stuff.


Q: When I start up my xbox, I get error #

A: go to:
Error Codes Explained
then post on the forums your problem. Most of the time it's a dashboard issue, in which case you just need to pop in your boot disk and reinstall your dashboard.


Q: When I start my backed-up game, I get a black screen with sound!

A: Edit your evox.ini and change all IGR = Yes to IGR = No
(*Submitted by vidgms4me*)


Q: Can I use a USB hard drive with Evox and run games/apps from it?

A: No, you cannot use a USB hard drive with Evox. You cannot run games or apps from a USB hard drive. This is not just becuase of evox. The USB 'drivers' for this hard drive would need to have support from at a lower level: ie: the bios


Q: Can I stream games/apps over a network to my xbox?

A: NO, there is no way to do this, and most likely never will be.


Q: Can I remove my dvd drive, and use a hard drive in its place?

A: NO, not at this time. Team Xecuter has stated that are looking into, but no one knows for sure if/when it can be done.


Q: What DVD-ROM Do I have (without opening Xbox case)?

user posted image
.......................^ biggrin.gif ^........................................................^ dry.gif ^........................................................^  cool.gif ^...................

Other FAQs:

List Of Hard Disks And "lockability"
General Hardware FAQ
Case Modding FAQ

Special Thanx go out to:

Skibizkit, aka msn25, you lead me thru EVERYTHING!
your a n00b's godsent, thanx man

LePpPer at Xbox-Scene, craxtion owns! and so do you!

vidgms4me for the guide on the evox.ini and for the info on some slip-ups

everyone else at XS ESPECIALLY BenJeremy for MXM, I love it! and all the other mods there, you guys own.

issues_i3oy and Porky145 for help with G: formatting

brahm2 for helpful info on some other FAQs and for being the man

props to heinrich for pointing out some stuff, big help on G: support, some tips and tricks, and for keepin these n00bs in line!

shanafan for his great tuts on xbox-live with a modded xbox, and he also happens to be my favorite super hero

ChrisF for his 2 guides on symptoms/solutions of faulty modchip installations and boot disc tips
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